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N’Kenge Gonzalez

N’Kenge “Kenge” Gonzalez got her start in the entertainment industry as a classically trained violinist who competed and won multiple competitions.  Years later after going onto radio, Gonzalez was able to hone her talents as a voice over artist, script writer and was a character for one of the drive time shows.  

N’Kenge was also a co-host for Piddlin University on WHPR and a DJ of her own show, Detroit Dynamix which focused on local artists and the upliftment of various cultures through music.  She has also been a road and business manager for a band that will remain nameless, and lent expertise to other artists.  On occasion, she continues to host and do public speaking events nationally.

As a consultant for IS, N’Kenge “Kenge” Gonzalez puts her ear and business acumen in the entertainment industry to good use.  She has provided videography for live shows, wardrobe for various photo shoots and videos, as well as advise on various projects.  Not to mention, she has a ball providing comic relief to her musical family

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