Passion, Perseverance, and Pure Music

Founding and Philosophy

In 2004, a vision was born in a quaint 300 sq. ft. carriage house apartment. SoundThought Recordings (STR) came into existence by the talented Inohs Sivad. With major record labels predominantly offering restrictive 360 deals, there was a gap in the market for true artistic freedom. Inohs, not one to be restrained, envisioned a space where she could control her musical journey without compromise. Thus, SoundThought Recordings was established. The name cleverly plays on words, capturing both the idiom that relates to clear-headed decision-making and the evocative idea of recording sound reflections of one's inner musings.


The Principles That Guide Us


Mission Statement

At SoundThought Recordings, we are committed to crafting music that resonates from soul to soul. We embrace the art of genuine expression, delivering sounds that echo integrity, creativity, and timeless resonance. Our mission is to be heard, not confined, creating without limits, boundaries, or compromises.



Our vision at SoundThought Recordings is to nurture an alliance of musical talent, offering focused support, innovation, and collaboration. We aspire to expand our impact through the SoundThought Alliance, empowering artists with tailored services, while maintaining our dedication to individual growth and artistic excellence.

Core Values

• Integrity: Conducting business with honesty, transparency, and fairness.
• Excellence: Striving for the highest quality in music production and artist development.
• Respect & Love: Fostering a culture of empathy, mutual respect, and love within the team and with the artists.


A Symphony of Success

At SoundThought Recordings (STR), the rhythm of success plays in harmony with our passion for pure, soulful music. Over the years, we have proudly produced and released a diverse range of projects that resonate with the hearts of listeners around the world. Here are some of our major achievements:

1. Global Collaborations: We have stretched our wings beyond the domestic market, forging strong collaborations with international labels. Projects like “Living the Dream” by Bashiri Asad and “Conversations” by Zanye were released in partnership with Sweet Soul Records and Ultra-Vybe, respectively, in Japan. LaShaun Phoenix Moore’s “Space Between The Rain” found a home in the United Kingdom.

2. Diverse Talents: Our artist roster boasts talents that span various genres, from soul to electronica. Kalimah Johnson’s debut LP “Datwhatimadu” (2004) set the tone for a journey that embraced artists such as Ameer Hakim, Drizz, eMICee, and IS Evolution. Each has contributed uniquely to the rich tapestry of STR’s sound.

3. Empowering New Voices: Our commitment to fresh, independent voices is evident in our nurturing of emerging talents. Traci Curry’s “Beau Ti Ful” (2010) and the recent works of eMICee represent our dedication to fostering new creativity and pushing musical boundaries.

4. Continuity and Innovation: With projects like “ELoungeTronicA: Beat Knock Series Eighty-Five, Level 1” by eMICee and “2nd Hand Smoke” by IS Evolution, we continue to innovate, exploring uncharted territories in sound without losing our roots.

5. Building Bridges: We believe in the power of collaboration and community. Our synergy with artists like Kalonji Mayaasa in “I Can’t Hold It” (2022) illustrates our ability to create bridges between artists, transcending boundaries and connecting souls.

Diverse Talent Development71%
Global Collaboration83%
Innovation in Sound64%


STR Leadership

Beyond just being the label's voice, Inohs wears a multitude of hats for STR. As a singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer, she is at the heart of the creative process. But her roles don't stop there. Delving into marketing, web, and graphic design, she is the driving force behind the label's brand and online presence.

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