eMICee is an innovative electronica duo featuring Mathias and Inohs Sivad (Vocalist/Instrumentalist). Together, they craft sonic landscapes, or “vibescapes,” fusing electronic textures with soulful vocals and rhythmic precision.

Mathias, a master of the drum machine, brings his unique “current retro” style to the music, infusing it with influences from 70s cartoons, 80s electronic music, and futuristic sounds. Music is his refuge, a way to beat all odds and enjoy life’s spoils.

Inohs Sivad, a multi-talented artist, injects her passion for soul, rock, and jazz into eMICee’s sound. Her emotive vocals and instrumental prowess add depth and complexity to the music. Drawing from her love for composition and emotional resonance, she helps guide the duo to create music that moves the heart and soul.

With a series of successful projects and a growing reputation, eMICee’s music represents an exciting fusion of styles and a powerful musical statement.