Funk. Rock. Soul.

IS Evolution

IS Evolution

IS Evolution is a musical collaboration that thrives on blending genres and breaking musical boundaries. At the heart of this collaboration is Inohs Sivad, whose evocative vocals are complemented by the talented musicianship of Deus X, C.C. Smith, and Matt “Matador” Lemons.

Their sound is a rich tapestry, weaving jazz, soul, pop, rock, metal, and world vibes into a cohesive and engaging experience. It’s a blend that doesn’t just entertain but invites listeners to think, feel, and explore.

The music of IS Evolution is characterized by its willingness to change and adapt, mirroring life’s constant evolution. Each track unfolds with unexpected turns, uncovering sweet, jazzy, and melodic dimensions.

Far from conventional, IS Evolution’s music celebrates diversity and individuality. It’s a reflection of a group that’s unafraid to experiment, to grow, and to create something genuinely unique.

Join IS Evolution in their musical exploration, where boundaries are challenged, and conventional rules are set aside. In their world, music is a journey, an expression, and a testament to the transformative power of creativity.




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